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Make this Autumn your Runway!

Hello Readers, Autumn/Winter season is my favourite fashion season. I love the colours and the layers. You can have so much fun with the clothing. Now I have been scrolling through the internet and have found 4 different outfits from 4 different sites for 4 different occasions. Outfit […]

One, Two, Three, the trend is Military

The military style have been inspiring designers this season. You can especially see this design in the coats and jackets and I am loving this look. A military inspired item of clothing can be spotted by the tailored silhouette.  Donned with epaulettes, embossed button detail and military colours. […]

Do you know about Athleisure?

Hello readers, Have you ever heard of athleisure? I hadn’t! I only came across it fairly recently while reading Vogue magazine, apparently it’s this new trend that is sweeping the fashion world. So I have been doing my research and I am here to pass my knowledge on […]

Have you got the White stuff?

Hello A big trend you will see this summer isn’t a design shape or a certain product but a colour. Block colours are becoming more and more popular this season and one colour in particular is trending very well. What’s this colour I hear you ask, well if […]

The Geeks are coming!!!!!!!

Hello Readers, Unless you have been living under a rock lately you will have noticed all the science fiction/comic book movies coming out recently which have been changing culture and fashion for the average joe. With such big hitting films as Star Wars, Batman , Avengers and the […]

Things to Buy…….Dresses

Hello there, Readers I have been trawling through the internet, I have been looking at dress upon dress (a chore I know lol) to find what I think are the dresses that you should have in your wardrobe. So that when you wear them, you will have everyone else […]

What to buy…Jumpers.

As its getting colder the shorts are being put away and the jumpers are coming out of the wardrobe and being dusted off. Are you trying them on and finding that the jumper doesn’t quite fit anymore, the moths have been eating it for dinner or you just […]