What to buy…Jumpers.

As its getting colder the shorts are being put away and the jumpers are coming out of the wardrobe and being dusted off. Are you trying them on and finding that the jumper doesn’t quite fit anymore, the moths have been eating it for dinner or you just […]

Paris Fashion week…..So far

The week Paris fashion week has been taking over the fashion world. The big designers, the creme de la creme have been showing of their designs. Hoping to attract the media attention of the world and hoping their designs become the hot ticket this Autumn. I won’t give […]

Vintage: Tips and Tricks

Hello Readers Vintage clothing is growing in popularity. So here are some tips and tricks to help you find that perfect item of clothing for your wardrobe. 1: What are you looking for? Before you go shopping you must have a good idea in your head of what […]