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Spring & Summer trend: Pencil Skirts

Hello readers, Any women who worked before trousers became socially acceptable for them to wear, wore a skirt. The pencil skirt which was first designed by Christian Dior in 1954 has become a staple in any working women’s office attire since then. However the pencil skirt has been […]

The Geeks are coming!!!!!!!

Hello Readers, Unless you have been living under a rock lately you will have noticed all the science fiction/comic book movies coming out recently which have been changing culture and fashion for the average joe. With such big hitting films as Star Wars, Batman , Avengers and the […]

The Little Black Dress

Hello there, readers When I was coming up with ideas for some new posts, I thought to myself that I have never done a blog about the iconic ‘Little Black Dress’ even though my blogs name is an homage to it. Then I thought ‘Well what topic about […]

Things to Buy…….Dresses

Hello there, Readers I have been trawling through the internet, I have been looking at dress upon dress (a chore I know lol) to find what I think are the dresses that you should have in your wardrobe. So that when you wear them, you will have everyone else […]