Animal-print trend yeah or Cat Slater Nay?

Hello readers,

Animal-print was seen over many catwalks in the spring/summer 2018 collections. There was no particular animal print that was popular nor was it warn in any particular way. This trend is very much open to peoples personal style and taste.

I find personally find that animal print is tricky to style only because the pattern is normally synonymous with a Cat Slater from Eastenders type of style which is never a good thing (for those who don’t know who she is think Jersey Shore back in its hay day.) You never want to over do it and never want to make it too sexy. Keep it simple and keep it classy.

This pattern was seen in dresses,  tops, accessories, coats and skirts. The designers were colour blocking with the pattern or letting the pattern stand out on its own in a coat.

I love this pattern in a accessory. As a scarf, headband, bag or even shoes. If you do have this pattern on  an accessory then I suggest Keeping your outfit colours bold and bright. No pattern just a simple block of colour or colours.

One thing I will say about an animal print is please, please, please make sure that it’s not made from an actual animals skin/fur.

What do you guys think of animal print? Do you like it? Or do you think it should stay in Cat Slaters wardrobe? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Nicky P. xxxx

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