Walk your own Catwalk in these shoe trends.

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Hello Readers,

Want to know what shoes to buy this season, here is a list of just a few of the shoe trends that were scene on the Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Catwalks.

Metallic – Shine no matter what your made off. The metallic clothe wasn’t just seen on shoes but in the clothing as well.

Military – Military style boots are not only comfortable for everyday but a great way to give a simple outfit a bit of an edge.

Stilettos with a few added extras – This trend is all about taking a simple stiletto and embellishing with jewels, embroidery and crystals that take these simple shoes to glitzy glam.

Thigh high boots – There was a time where if you wore these kind of boots you were labelled as someone who ‘hangs out around street corners at night’. However, they have in past few years had a reputation revamp and have become very fashionable.

Walking the RED carpet – A big colour trend for Autumn and Winter season was the colour red. A bold colour statement to any outfit.

Squeaky clean White – A classic pair of white shoes to compliment any outfit.


Whats your favourite trend? Let me know in the comments down below.

Nicky P xxxx

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