History Lesson: Fashion of the 1930’s

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1930’s fashion was the real beginning of what we know as modern fashion. Believe it or not but it all starts with the wall street crash in America. On 29th October 1929 the Wall Street Crash plummeted The United States of America into the Great Depression. To help out there economy problems the United States of America decided that all the countries that had borrowed money from them needed to pay their debt.

Due to this deal with the U.S. many countries around the world were also finding that they were creating their own economic depression. Unemployment was high during this period and due to people not having a lot of money in the family funds. Clothing was not a top priority in the monthly bills.

Clothing was bought as a necessity and was also bought to last. If you bought yourself a top it was bought because your old top was falling apart and it had to last you a long time.

Ready to wear was becoming more and more common. People couldn’t afford the huate couture stylist like they could before, so ready to wear which was cheaper to make and to buy became the way forward for clothing.

The fashion of the time was all based around keeping cost as low as possible due to economic climate. Buttons were classed as to expensive so zippers were used instead. Clothing companies stayed away from the more expensive fabrics and massed produced clothes using the cheaper fabrics.

Ordering clothes through magazines became very popular throughout the 1930’s and they are still popular today. However it wasn’t photos of models like it is in today’s magazines they were drawings of what was classed as the ‘perfect body type of the time’, which was tall and thin. With no extenuating curves. Due to the fact the general population of the world comes in all different shape and sizes, the general public would extenuate their shoulders to make their waist look thinner and their hips more narrow.  They wanted their body shape to look more like an upside down triangle and give the illusion that their waist and hips were thin and narrow.

There was one item of clothing that finally became acceptable for women to wear publicly and that was TROUSERS. They were still considered a bit risqué for the everyday clothing but in sports or on the beach they were accepted. The trousers were loss fitting so you couldn’t see the ladies figure and were high highest. Again to give the narrow look which was on trend at the time.

Accessories were the ‘IT’ trend of the 1930’s. As any fashionista knows you can jazz up any simple outfit with some accessories. As the times were hard financially, having the right accessories took your very simple and dull outfit into something very fashionable and classy.

Hats were a must to any outfit of the time. Hollywood was the catalyst for this item of clothing being so popular. Greta Garbo was the fashion icon of the time, with her look being copied by many women throughout the world. The fashion was to have the hat on the tilt. Brims became wider and flatter.

The famous women’s oxford shoe was very popular throughout this time period and has become an iconic piece of clothing. The oxford was often styled with cut outs in the leather and contrasting colours which made the shoe stand out from the outfit. With a low heel and comfortable leather, a women could work an entire day with her feet only hurting a little while still looking feminine. At the time it was customary for a woman to wear heels for all occasions with slippers for home and beach flip flops being exempt from this formality. Thankfully this has changed and women can where either flats or heels for any occasion.

I have to say I have enjoyed this delve into 1930’s fashion, I hope that you have enjoyed it just as much as I have. If you would like to read more and other decades of fashion then I highly suggest that head on over to where I found a lot of my information for this article. I am a subscriber to their newsletter and a fan of their website.

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