Is this Céline ad okay?



Hello readers,

I was flicking through Vogue magazine and I saw an advert that puzzled me very much. Now I know sex sells when it comes to adverts but there is a limit to when your just putting a half naked women in the advert just for the sake of it.

celine bum advert



Here we have the advert in question. This advert is spread over 2 pages. One side the bowling bag and the other side a scantily clad model wearing nothing but black knickers.


This advertisement has me questioning the point of the model. In other Céline advertisements the models have a purpose within the photo they are holding or wearing the product that Céline want to advertise. This model is not, she is just lying there show of her amazing arse.

I visited the website to see if maybe I was jumping the gun a bit. Maybe I was wrong, maybe Céline was advertising underwear now. Maybe they were selling bedsheets instead. If so I would look at it slightly differently. I could see more of where they were coming from if this is so. I mean who hasn’t chilled out on their bed in their underwear. Unfortunately my first instinct was correct. On the Céline homepage they have a slideshow of photos from their latest ad campaign. I was in luck the photo was within the slideshow. I get swooped over to handbags. I have a look through there shopping menu no other item could be linked to this picture other than the handbag.

In a world in which many men and women are body conscious. They look at advertisements like this and see the very pretty model and become self conscious about there own looks and self worth. In fashion adverts the point of the model is to show off the clothes, the bag, the jewellery and other items. This advert just uses her as a (for lack of a better word) sex object. There is no point in this model being in this advert, there is no point in here being naked. She is only there to catch your eye.

Please do not think of me as a prude. I have no problem with a women showing off parts of her body withen and advert. There are moments in which it can look amazing and very beautiful. But I just don’t like this unmistakable use of a womens sex appeal.

I would love to hear what you readers think of this advert. Is this advert okay? Or am I overreacting?

Nicky P xxxx

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