Get your shoulders out this summer!

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Hello readers,

A big trend that we are seeing in shops this summer is a bardot neckline.

Whats a bardot neckline I hear you ask. A bardot neckline is when the the top’s neckline is below the shoulders. As seen in the pictures below.

This look is great look for when the sun is shining and hot this summer. You can find this style in t-shirts, shirts, jumpsuits and dresses.

This low neckline I find is very flattering on a women. I find that it elongates the neck and . And if like me you have a very round face and neck then it helps give a longer thinner definition which is never a bad thing.

This is great for holidays. If your down on the beach and need a dress or a top just to pop on over your swimsuit or bikini then this is a would work well for you.

This is a really simple look and can give your outfit a real summery feel.

I would love to know what you think of this trend and what’s your favourite accessory to pair with this neckline.

Nicky P xxxx

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