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Hello Readers,

Festival season has started and all the fashion sites are offering advice on what to wear and there is one general thing that has annoyed me about the advice that they are offering. A lot of what they want you to wear is not practical for a festival.

If you have ever been to a festival then you will understand what I am getting at. As a festival goer, you must travel light. This isn’t a hotel where you can take an entire suitcase full of clothes, accessories and make up.

Festivals normally last around 3-4 days (Coachella lasts over a week). Hygiene at these festivals is not the best either. Showers are available, but are hard to come by and normally there is a very long queue. Toilets are normally not in the best condition either but there better than nothing. With this in mind, after a few days your hair is going to be greasy and dirty unless you are lucky enough to grab a shower. One of the big trends is untied and windswept. Hair products are impractical to take and you won’t have a mirror to help you either. Any festival in England, I promise you there is a high chance of rain or wind. Hair constantly in your face when your trying to enjoy something is highly annoying. Tie it up and then you don’t have to worry about it and it can still look good with just a brush at hand.


Belts are a big trend also, this one is simple who has space in their bag to carry around belts. You will have a couple of outfits to change into, if that and very likely you already have a general belt to hold up your trousers/shorts/skirt anyway.  They can be uncomfortable and confining especially if you have eaten a lot of junk food. They are fine for a general day, you can wear them during the out and then at night when you want to properly relax you can take it off. You can’t do that at a festival. If you do take it off, you will have to carry it around all day until you get back to your tent late at night.


Accessories don’t really work at festivals. They can get damaged, lost, irritating and tangled. Keep your accessories simple and practical. Sunglasses are must, if its sunny then its obvious why you need them. Hats as well for obvious reasons but there is no need to take more than one because you won’t have that much space in your bag.  All the accesories you will need is a simple, light and goes with all outfits necklace and a couple of bracelets. Earrings can be dangerous. Your are going to be dirty for majority of the festival, which can cause infections. Plus they could get ripped out if the get caught on anything.


Lastly be sensible with the clothes that you take, a simple t-shirt paired with trousers or shorts depending on the weather. This is my last point, you need to take lightweight clothes because you need to take a few variations for weather purposes. Glastonbury is famous for being muddy and wet but then they have had great weather as well. I really suggest Wellington Boots. and breathable trainers. Ankle boots are whats suppose to be popular with a heel. A heel does not work in a field, they will sink in the mud which is not going to be fun all day. Take flat shoes that you know are going to be comfortable in with hot sunny weather (no sweaty feet) as well as being warm at night when the temperature drops. Transparent raincoat is apparently a must this festival season. I do agree with this, I do like the look and a rain coat is a very sensible idea. Just keep in mind that you will need to carry it for majority of the time your their in case it rains. I lightweight foldable coat that can be shoved into a little bag or tied around the waist is a much more sensible. Transparent coat material is normally quite stiff and cannot be tied around your waist or be folded away small.



I know I have done a lot of moaning in this post but hopefully I have opened your eyes to what to take and what not to take to the festivals this season. Keeping it simple and sensible is all you need to do and then you can spend more time enjoying the reason why you wanted to go there in the first place. THE MUSIC.

Nicky P. xxxx

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