One, Two, Three, the trend is Military


The military style have been inspiring designers this season. You can especially see this design in the coats and jackets and I am loving this look.

A military inspired item of clothing can be spotted by the tailored silhouette.  Donned with epaulettes, embossed button detail and military colours.



This is a simple and easy trend to pull off. One thing to always remember when pulling of a military style outfit is to keep it simple. You don’t need to be covered in accessories. If you go over the top with the outfit you can look like more like your going to a fancy dress party rather than walking your own runway.

One of the other biggest trends this season is velvet, which when you merge these two trends together it can be magical and look fabulous. Another trend of the season that will complete this look is the Doc Martens style boots which will give this style a extra military look.


And now you have all the details to go out and rock this look.

I would love to hear on what you think of this trend and how you rock this look.

Nicky P xxxx


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