Do you know about Athleisure?

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Hello readers,

Have you ever heard of athleisure? I hadn’t! I only came across it fairly recently while reading Vogue magazine, apparently it’s this new trend that is sweeping the fashion world. So I have been doing my research and I am here to pass my knowledge on to you.

Athleisure is a word created by the fashion leaders to describe ‘fashionable gym wear’. This is clothing that has been designed to look like gym wear but is meant for people to wear as part of their everyday wardrobe. So pieces of clothing like leggings, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts etc. It is becoming more and more popular to wear leggings and vest tops in a social situation or even to work.

More and more fashion houses are incorporating this style into their ready to wear collection and high street stores are increasing their range of athleisure. Designer trainers are becoming more and more popular to collect these days. Many men and women have been spending hundreds of pounds on just a pair of Niké trainers, not that I’m judging because I have spent over hundreds of pounds easily on my collection of Radley handbags. I think that it is fair to stay that this trend isn’t new and will be around for a long time, I remember back in the 90’s (when I was a child, I would like to point out) it was all the rage to wear leggings and trainers with baggy t-shirts.

I like the idea of a trend in which you can be quite fashionable and be able to relax in at the same time. However, my only reservation with this trend is that unless you have an amazing gym body (which I don’t) you will look like you haven’t put in any effort in your look at all. Unless there is a great pattern on it or paired with a non-athleisure item of clothing, for example leggings paired with a jean shirt.

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