Breaking News: Bill Cunningham has passed away

LGBT Gay Pride March in New York City

NEW YORK CITY – JUNE 30: Legendary photographer Bill Cunningham documenting the NYC LGBT Gay Pride March in Manhattan on June 30, 2013. Photo in black and white.

Hello Readers,

Today I pass on to you some sad news that the famous Photographer Bill Cunningham has passed away at the age of 87.

The fashion world in New York will not be the same without him. Famous for riding around on his bicycle taking pictures of people day and night on the street. He was one of the great street style icons. He was a photographer for the New York Times and has his own page in the paper. He would be regularly seen at Ready to Wear, Fashion Week and he was well known for shooting anyone as long as they had style. He wouldn’t care how famous you were. He had a charm and kindness rarely seen in this industry and he will be surely missed.

To read more about the man, the legend then just follow this link to tne New York Times to read about him from the people who knew him the most.

Rest in Peace,

Nicky xxxx

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