Have you got the White stuff?

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A big trend you will see this summer isn’t a design shape or a certain product but a colour. Block colours are becoming more and more popular this season and one colour in particular is trending very well. What’s this colour I hear you ask, well if you haven’t guessed from the clever title (wink, wink) it’s the colour WHITE.

White is great for the summer, it’s cool and calming and adding white accessories to your outfit can give your overall look a pop that you may not of realised before.

The only issue I have with white is, if you’re like me and can be a bit of a klutz then white might not be your best friend. I am constantly tripping over my own feet, spilling tea and even dropping food. Yes, white clothing is not my best friend but this summer white shoes and white accessories will be rocking my outfits this summer.


However, if you are lucky and you are the complete opposite to my klutz ways (you lucky mare) then white clothing can give you the fresh summer look that you will want to rock this summer. And I am not talking about the white shirt/polo shirt and jeans combination and I am sorry for sounding like Barbie here but that look is so done, it’s boring. Oh and no white jeans (not tailored trousers or cotton, just white jeans) I know you think they look great on you but and I am going to be a bit harsh here they don’t. You just look like you have come of the set of Jersey shore which none of us want.

I am talking about a white summer dress paired with colourful accessories, a white baggie t-shirt with a design on the front paired with 3 quarter length boyfriend jeans. White is a colour in which you can be bold be daring because it is classed as a simple colour. Don’t do what we have seen a hundred times. Be creative.

To all you klutz’s out there (like me) who think that they cannot possible make this trend work, not because you wouldn’t look fabulous in it because you would but because you know as soon as you took a sip of tea or coffee it would go straight down your front. Well do not worry you can still rock this trend, but not by wearing white clothing but by wearing white accessories.  This will work really well if you are wearing clothing which is just one colour or bold in colour. I find wearing a black outfit paired with white accessories works really well. The colour of the outfit helps make the bright colour of the white accessories stand out.

I would love to know what you guys thing of this fashion trend. Do you like it? Do you think its here to stay? Let me know in your comments down below.

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