All the FRILLS and Spills.

Romantic Dame With Tiara

A big trend that has been making waves this spring/summer are ruffles and frills. It’s here to bring a new dimension to the normal silhouette. So where you would have a traditional shirt top adding just a small simple frill takes an average top and turns it into something that pops.

What’s the difference between a ruffle and a frill? A ruffle is defined as strip of closely pleated cloth or fabric used for a decoration or trim. Ruffles are traditional considered to be wider than frills. A frill is defined as a pleated gathered border of ribbon or fabric used for decoration. Frills normally refer smaller edges like round the sleeves or neck.

Frills have been around for a long time and keep coming in and out of trend. The trick to frills is K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).  DO NOT OVERDO IT! Otherwise you will look like one of those contestants out of Toddlers and Tiaras.


If done properly frills can add fun to an outfit. Frills are normally found on the bottom of a dress, if not overdone they can add a real feminine touch to the outfit. Designers are adding slight frills onto the bottom of tank tops to give the item a real Grecian feel to the garment.             Another effect that designers are using is to make a single bold frill that cuts across the garment either straight across or at an angle. This gives the garment a striking look while also keeping the top looking simple and elegant.


One thing to think about when adding a frill item to your wardrobe is what to pair it with. It’s easy, just pair it with an item of clothing that has a simple cut to it. If you add something that has a busy pattern on it or has frills itself then you start wondering into Barbie pageant country and you do not want that. Also be careful what item of clothing you purchase that has many frills sewn into it. If done well it can look quite vintage and bold but it is tricky. If you’re not careful you can end up looking like your Nan.


This is a really simple trend that anybody can pull off there is just one simple rule with frills.


Keep it nice and simple.


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