Do you know how to wear your BOLD colours?

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Hello Readers,

Sorry it has been a while since my last post but it has been rather busy my end and I haven’t had time to write a new post. I apologize, I’m sure you have all been checking your inbox for a new post every morning LOL.

Anyway the topic of this post its bright colours. It’s a new trend coming this spring/summer and I am here to keep you up to date with what’s happening with this style.

I have always been a fan of colour and you will often see me with at least one item of clothing or an accessory that is brightly coloured. Whether it be a scarf, handbag, shoes (always a favourite of mine in a bright colour) or even a trouser or top. So, I have been doing my research and I have come up with some simple rules that if you follow, you will never become a fashion victim with this trend.

  1. You can pair bold prints with a colourful accessory. For instance, you can wear a bold printed dress and accessorise them with a colourful bag, tights, jewellery etc. The trick I find with something like this is to keep colours that work well together for example: Don’t mix red and green together because you will give the impression off a Christmas elf. Unless it is Christmas then you will just look festive. Orange and Yellow is another one I would avoid. The colours are too close to each other on the colour spectrum. They kind of fade into one another.

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  1. Keep it tailored. If you are going for an item of clothing that is bold keep it tailored and make sure it fits well. This item will be the centre of attention of your outfit and it will be noticed if it doesn’t fit right. If you have the clothing to baggy it gives your look a hint of clown clothing which no fashionista wants.

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  1. K.I.S.S. When making a big statement like a bold colour you should always have in your head this simple sentence. Keep It Simple Stupid. Do not go overboard with the patterns. If you need a reference of how to go overboard just google ‘Eddy Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous’ and you will see what I mean. If it is your clothing which is making a bold statement then keep your accessories down to minimum and keep the simple and elegant. On a side note if you ever get a chance to watch Absolutely Fabulous (tv series by the BBC) then please watch it, it is one of the most hilarious sitcoms I have ever watched. It is brilliant.

Ab Fab

  1. Block, Block, Block! If you intend to have multiple colours in the same outfit. Make sure the colours work will together. For example, blue and yellow, Red and Purple, Green and White. If you are going to work this, then may I suggest that you top (which may be purple) is just purple and not purple with a pattern on it or a picture. One colour for every item of clothing.

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And those are my rules for the bold pattern trend. If you follow these rules and obviously use your common sense, then you will be turning heads in the street and everybody will want to know where you get your sense of style from.

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