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Unless you have been living under a rock lately you will have noticed all the science fiction/comic book movies coming out recently which have been changing culture and fashion for the average joe. With such big hitting films as Star Wars, Batman , Avengers and the Suicide Squad trailer making big waves, no wonder clothing paying homage to the movies have sneaked into people’s wardrobes.

Star Wars Storm Troopers In A Showcase. Paris.

PARIS FRANCE – NOVEMBER 18 2015: Festive window dressing in Parisian department stores for Christmas. Star Wars storm troopers.

Women all over the world are combining their appreciation for all things geek with their regular fashion wardrobe. It could be a t-shirt with a superhero logo on it paired with a simple skirt or trousers. Also very popular is a skirt printed with a comic style print paired with a shirt or tank top. One of my favourite items of geek clothing are these leggings that I have found at Unfortunetly the site is under construction at the moment but I highly recommend you remember that address, they have some AMAZING clothing on there (when the site is up and running again I will do a post on them because I think their clothing design is incredible and will satisfy anybody’s inner geek).

geek fashion

One of the more popular choices for geek wear are these amazing mini dresses. Where the entire pattern of the dress relates to a superhero or other comic characters. Now I absolutely love these. They are so funky and fun, if you pair this outfit with some amazing accessorizes than you will look so on trend you will turn heads.

What I love about this style is the creativity that you can have. All normal fashion rules go out the window you can mix and match colours that you normally would never dream of putting together. I have to say there is only one rule when dressing like this. DO NOT MIX DC OR MARVEL COMIC CLOTHING TOGETHER. If you happen to come across a superfan of this genre then you will create such a debate it’s not worth wearing the pieces together. Even if you think you look amazing.

If you have any opinions or suggestions for this style of clothing, then please leave a comment down below.

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