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News ….. Saville Rows first female Master Tailor

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In the news recently it has been announced that there will finally be a female Master Tailor on Saville Row.

A Lady by the name of Kathryn Sargent who has been in the tailoring business for over 15 years. She started off her career at Gieves and Hawkes and then opened up her own tailoring establishment in 2012 in Brook street.

The plan at the moment is to have the shop on Saville Row open for a temporary time period. It will be open for the spring and summer time where Kathryn will decide weather she wants to keep it open for longer.

As a women when I first came across this story I was so happy. Don’t get my wrong the UK is a lot better than it has been at hiring women as much as men but it’s still not brilliant. Especially with equal pay. So to here this story of a women who has been in a male dominated profession for over 15 years. Now she is with them shoulder to shoulder I hope this encourages women to break those stereotypes and take on the male dominated world and proclaim we are just as good as you and I can kick any mans arse in this job.

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  1. It’s incredibly difficult in this industry, it’s a personal service that requires trust in the tailor. There was a bit of research that showed in a sample of the British public that the majority of people did not have faith in a female pilot, like many things the traditional stereotypes harm women. I’m sure Kathryn will continue to be a success in the industry. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to build the reputation and trust. I do hope Kathryn feels welcome and remains on Saville Row. It does concern me that how long we will have to wait for the next woman to join her, hopefully not as long as the wait for another woman to become PM (25 years and counting since Thatcher left Downing Street, not even within her lifetime), sometimes I feel being the second person to achieve such milestones is harder than the first.

    P.S. While I admire Thatcher in the sense of her achievements as a woman in an environment of extreme adversity, I do not necessarily agree with all of the policies or legacies of the Thatcher government.

    • In one article I read it stated that more and more women are joining and fully training in this profession, which is amazing to hear so hopefully we won’t have to wait to long for another women to rise the ranks.

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