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Hello there, readers

Anybody that has visited this website before has hopefully noticed the new layout. The old format was me trying to get a feel for blogging and running a site. Now that I have a feel for it and have seen what people mostly read. I believe that I now have a better understanding of where I want to take this blog.

I would love to hear from any readers of this blog or newcomers, of anything that they would want to see or want to see more off on fashion blogs. Post your ideas of what you would want to see in a fashion blog and together we can make the blog awesome! Weather you want to see more advice on what to wear or more of a history of Fashion etc..

Every week there will be a new post as well as new flash updates which will keep you informed of the latest news from the fashion world. However on a Friday there will be a ‘Things to buy’ post which will give you knowhow of whats hot in the shops so over the weekend you can give your wardrobe an update and stay on step ahead of the game.

So don’t forget to leave your comments below of what you would want to see on within this blog and also we are on Facebook and twitter just click on the logos below to go straight to a Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thanks for reading,

Nicky xxxxx




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