New Year, New YOU!!


This saying is well known and every year people attempt to get healthier, lose weight etc……. Me included! Since going to the gym I have noticed that fashion has started to creep into the world of fitness. It may have been there for quite a while, I will admit that I don’t have frequent flyer miles with the gym. So I have been doing a bit of research on the big styles and must haves of when going to the gym and this is what I have found.

Bright colours

Mixing bright colours with neutral seems to be quite popular. From what I can see you have one piece of your outfit quite bright and bold while the rest is quite a neutral colour. People seem to enjoy having their leggings in a bright colour and a sports bra in a complementary/matching colour and the rest of their outfit in a neutral colour.


Bold Patterns

Leggings have taken a bold turn of late and they are now coming out with bolder and brighter prints. No longer are they now just one colour for the gym. For women jogging bottoms has become the less popular choice and leggings have been growing more and more popular.


Vest Tops

These Vest tops have not been cut in the traditional style. The two straps that traditionally come over the shoulders and join at the back of vest have been replaced with a new style,the straps still come over the shoulders but join together at the back of the neck and then the fabric comes down and again joins the back of the vest.



Sports bra

While researching for this article I have been amazed about how the sports bra has been redesigned to become more stylish and fashionable. The straps have been redesigned and they have been made out of bright bold fabric.



And there you have it, if you follow these points you will able to look amazing and fashionable at the gym.

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