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Paris Fashion Week….. PART 2

Here is the conclusion of Paris Fashion Week. As before I am not going to go through every single show but just a select few and a quick review of the entire collection. I hope you enjoy.

Sunday 4th October 

John Galliano

john-galliano-spring-summer-2016-look-1__large john-galliano-spring-summer-2016-look-13__large john-galliano-spring-summer-2016-look-27__large

Black and White fabrics can be seen through out the entire collection. Sheer panelling are on quite few of the pieces showing of the models figures. The dresses and skirts has a very feminine cut to it, while the suits have a straight up and down cut to them. They have a quite mascaline look to them which I quite like. A couple of the coats have a great pattern to them, they are cut shorter at the front and longer at the back. Think of them like a top hat and tails jacket you see in the old fashioned movies starring Fred Astaire. Also in the few of the pieces have fringe is a definite accessory to the dresses which you can see on many outfits in the shops.

Monday 5th October

Stella McCartney

stella-mccartney-spring-summer-2016-look-1__large stella-mccartney-spring-summer-2016-look-8__large stella-mccartney-spring-summer-2016-look-30__large

One thing that is a definite theme through out the collection is COLOUR, COLOUR, COLOUR and more COLOUR. And anybody who knows me I love colour, so obviously this collection looks amazing. Various patterns can also be seen through out the collection as well, Checked, striped, crossed and spiral in a variety of colours. The cut of the outfits are quite straight up and down cut on quite a few of the outfits. Tops and bottoms of mix match patterns have been placed together within the collection.

Monday 6th October


chanel-spring-summer-2016-look-4__large chanel-spring-summer-2016-look-19__large chanel-spring-summer-2016-look-33__large

You can see the classic cuts and and traditional silhouettes that are recognised with a Chanel collection. However this collection has a modern twist to it, you can see bold prints being used right through the collection. We can see a multi-coloured check print used in several pieces. Also a vertical and horizontal stripped effect fabric was also used in various different colours. The ‘Chanel Suit’ is seen in this collection as well as the ‘Little black dress’, which are famous classical design for this brand.


valentino-spring-summer-2016-look-32__large valentino-spring-summer-2016-look-34__large valentino-spring-summer-2016-look-66__large

Autumn colours was the main colour theme within this collection, however there are also a few bold colours that are used for a few pieces. To me there seems to be an inspiration of a traditional gypsy style and pattern to these pieces which I really like. The dresses were mostly long in length and went all the way down to the ankle but there were still a few short dresses within this collection. They long dress are a bit like maxi-dresses but just slightly synched in at the waist. And like in several other collections that we have seen throughout Paris Fashion Week fringe and sheer panelling have been very popular within the show.

And that is my highlights of Paris Fashion week, I hoped you enjoyed Part 2 (please like if you did) and if you haven’t read part 1 please look back and have a read through. Also please leave a comment on what you thought of the pieces and subscribe to email list if you want to keep up to date with all my latest posts.

Thank you,

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