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HISTORY: Womens fashion of the 1920’s

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I have decided to do a brief history of fashion. Here I hope you will find a out interesting facts that you didn’t know before and you can show off to your friends your amazing fashion knowledge. I am going to do it decade by decade, starting with the 1920’s because that is when fashion for the masses took off. I just wasn’t for the rich anymore.

1920’s fashion

The First World War was gone but not forgotten and the people were still recovering from the devastation it brung. In Fashion a change was on the horizon for women. The long dresses were on there way out and above knee hemlines were becoming more and more popular. A straight up and down silhouette was on trend and the flapper style had started to take form with the feather boas and fringe, fringe and more fringe with the corsets being kicked out of the wardrobe.

flapper7 women1920sfashion

You cannot talk about 1920’s fashion without talking about the ‘Flapper style’ it was iconic of the decade. The flapper dress was a loose fit and cut straight down with the waistline down by the hips and as the decade passed the hem line of the skirt or dress got shorter and shorter and shorter until it got all the way up the knee which was quite revolutionary at the time. The flapper style wasn’t just about the dress it was the lifestyle it created. They were becoming foot loose and fancy free.

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A Legendary designer had started her career in this decade, it was none other than COCO CHANEL. The classic silhouette that she made so famous and of course you cannot think of Coco Chanel without thinking of the ‘Little black dress’. Coco Chanel also designed a women’s suit which was devised of two garments which has famously called the ‘Chanel Suit’. In 1921 Coco Chanel teamed up with Ernest Beaux and together they created several perfumes but the most famous one which is still famous today ‘Chanel No. 5’.

coco Coco-Chanel

An Iconic piece of fashion in the 1920’s was the cloche hat. The Cloche hat was a tightly fitted hat that was tilted at the front covering the forehead and in some cases also covering the ears as well. The hairstyles of the time we styled short to fit under these hats.

Cloche Cloche-Hats

One of the most biggest changes that occurred in fashion in the 1920’s was because of the skirts getting shorter it meant that shoes were on show. As an avid shoe lover, I am pleased that this renaissance happened. Due to this renaissance dress makers throughout this period started to design shoes and outfits that matched each other. Shoes became something to show off. Shoe trends were starting and people wanted  shoes for all seasons and for all events. They wanted casual shoes, evening shoes, sports shoes etc. Before people had there shoes custom made and only the rich could afford multiple pairs, most people had practical shoes and only a few pairs at that.

shoe shoes

And there we are, the history of fashion in the 1920’s. I hope you enjoyed this post and have found it as interesting as I did when I was researching for this post. Please like if you did and also if you want to receive more posts from me then please follow my blog. Comments are welcome.

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  1. The 1920’s and 30’s represents one of my favourite eras, the romance is still there but also that drive towards the future, to me it represents a transitional period to what we perceive as modern life. Good to find a fellow shoe junkie.

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