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What to buy…Jumpers.

As its getting colder the shorts are being put away and the jumpers are coming out of the wardrobe and being dusted off. Are you trying them on and finding that the jumper doesn’t quite fit anymore, the moths have been eating it for dinner or you just don’t quite like the look of it anymore. Well here is a guide to whats in the shops at the moment and whats on trend. Hopefully you see something you like, if you do then just click on the picture and it will take you straight to the item.

Dorothy Perkins



White stuff

410410_DK_TAPSHOE 413879_LINDY_HOP 414543_BASKET_CPR_1 414547_DK_DENIM_B

Forever 21

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hmprod hmprod 2 hmprod 3 hmprod 4

I hope that you liked the items above as i said if you did click on the picture and it will take you straight to the product on the company’s website. If you have any ideas of jumpers that you think i ┬áhave missed please message me a link in the comments and I will review and get it posted if I can.

Thank you readers,

Nicky xxx

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