NEWS!!!!!!! A new bra has been launched for all the curvy women in the world.

This week it has been announced that Curvy Kate is releasing a brand of sexy bras for the ‘larger’ than life women in the world. As one of the ‘larger’ than life women of the world I know whats it is like to find a sexy bra in a size that fits properly is nigh on impossible. The brand new boudoir label ‘Scantilly’ is realising a collection where you can see lace panelling, halter neck bra straps, silk fabric in leopard print or black fabric. This collection oozes sex appeal.

Collections like this make a real bang in the fashion world and we need to see more of it. Not everybody is stick thin and flat chested like the models on the runway. We need more diversity with fashion models and designer collections because the bigger curvier women are just as sexy and beautiful as the models on the runway.


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