BRRRRR…..Its getting cold

It’s that time of year when the leaves start changing, the animals start to camp up for the winter and the weather, well the weather depending on where you live but here in merry old United Kingdom gets colder and wetter if you can believe that. So what do the trend setters say you should be wearing to keep warm this time of year, well here is a list of top clothing items and accessories to keep you warm and dry this Autumn:

1: The Coat

Long textured coats in BOLD colours. It seems that the trend isn’t just one bold colour but multiple bright in your face colours. You can go wild with coats’ colours. Just make sure it fits you right and tailored nicely otherwise it just looks like a dressing gown lol.

2: The Wrap

One item of clothing that is becoming very popular for this Autumn season is a wrap with a belt to keep it tidy. I must say this is a trend that I really love the look of. These have been coming in a variety of colours but I love it Autumn colours, Maroon, Brown, Navy and Dark Orange. If you were this with a nice simple belt so not to clash with the wrap you will look fantastic.

3: FRINGE!!!!

A lot of pieces that are coming into shops at the moment are trimmed or are main attraction of the garment. I believe this trend will be a little like Marmite you will either love it or your hate it.

4: Polo Neck

The Polo neck for me has never really gone out of style, however I think you have to be careful of who can wear this because if like me you have a curvaceous chin and neck is not the most flattering in fact on me I think it makes it look bigger

Here are only a handful of the Autumn trend but keep your eye out for my future posts and I’ll keep you posted

Thank you for reading

Nicky xxxx

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